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Social Media Manager Devon 

Social Media Manager Cornwall

Social Media Management Devon 

Social Media Management Cornwall

Social Media Management Beauty

Social Media Management Aesthetics

Social Media Management Joinery

Social Media Management Online Coach

Social Media Manager for online coach

Social Media Manager for Adult 

Social Media Manager for small business

Social Media Manager for Only Fans

Social Media Manager for Sex Coach

Social Media Manager for Couples Coach

Award Winning
Social Media Management

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Social Media Manager for Beauty Devon

Bespoke Social Media Templates for Aesthetics

Social Media Manager for Salon Devon


Devon Social Media Manager

Cornwall Social Media Manager

Do you want more visibility?

Do you want more Sales?

Do you want to beat your competition? 

Or are you using standard templates that everyone has and you are not setting your own brand?

Then you need to level up your social media! companies are increasing sales and my methods are helping to show Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs the science behind Social Media. 

It's not just about posting at the right time you know! 

Algorithms are hard work and change on the regular. I stay inline with trends to help your company stay on top! 

Let's connect and see if I am the right fit for you and helping your business to grow. 

My packages are competitive and saving you £200 compared to Agencies and other SMM. 

- Bespoke Templates
- Personalised Branding Kits
- Full Social Media Management
- Organic Engagement
- Content Creation
- Content Plans
- Hashtag Research​



Free Discovery Call

Lets talk about your social media needs whether it's writing a unique content plan or even coaching you to succeed yourself. Lets connect and see what works for you. 

I will also conduct a free audit to help you understand what is needed to help you grow. So lets book a call and start growing your business the right way. 



During our call I will write down your business goals and start to create a bespoke proposal for you and your business helping you achieve goals. This will then help you target all the needed social media marketing strategy to get your brand noticed more. 

Social Media works well with your other aspects of marketing. 

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This is the fun part. Once you have accepted the proposal and are ready. I will then start designing, creating and writing your content plan and strategy. The better and more professional your social look the more you will attract the right clients. We want to create brand awareness and make you stand out from the crowd. 


I was dubious about getting some help with my small business, but I met Claire, had a chat and instantly knew I needed her. A huge difference already with new clients, content & socials. She is really working her magic. Communication is fabulous between us. I have no regrets best business decision so far and its only the beginning. 

Vikki Bose - Owner PMU Artist - June 2023

"Claire has gone above and beyond to help me with my Social Media. It has give me back so much time to spend on other areas of my business and its increased my social media visibility So much more.  I highly recommend Claire's services she listens to my business marketing needs & plans ahead for me. Provides excellent business advice and everything I've implemented has worked.  

Amy O'Brien - Salon No.10 Owner & Beautician - Mar 23

Social Media Manager
Social Media Manager

125% growth 

125% traffic increase for multiple clients in organic social media traffic. No ads just organic. 

60% new clients

Through outreach DM messaging I have obtained 60% bookings from new client contacts. 

Portfolio Results

100% copywrite score

I have a 100% copy-write score as all captions are wrote by me and unique to each client. 

made £12k in 2 days

I made one client £12k in sales for a beauty course launch in 2 days using DMS & sales calling from a Social Media Ad campaign

Social Media Management doesn't have to cost the earth... from £11 a day you can have stress free help with your social media platforms. 


Social Media is the new shop window and it is incredibly important to keep updated, informative and engaging. 

Social Media Manager
Social Media Manager
Social Media Manager
Social Media Manager
Social Media Manager
Social Media Manager
Social Media Manager
Social Media Manager

Many people believe that being a social media manager is just about tossing random posts on people’s social media accounts.


Well, you are wrong, honey. That’s just a tiny part of the deal. Being social media manager is way more than that.

A social media manager is the voice, watchman, and online representative, amongst other things, to a brand, company, cooperation, or individual.



📌 As a voice of the company, they are saddled with the responsibility of understanding your brand/company’s voice and strategizing on compelling ways to speak it to your targeted audience.


So that your target audience can understand and respond in a way your brand wants them to.


📌As a watchman of the company online, they watch out for trends, industry news, competitors, and other big brands. And they quickly react to their findings so that your company can remain relevant and keep up to pace with the real world.


📌And as a representative of the company online, they share the good word and paint beautiful pictures of you or your brand to the world across social media platforms. They are the interface between you and your prospects online.


I do all these within a limited time. Saving you Hours!

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